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Within these pages we are going to build a library of high quality strategic internet marketing information, tips and products to help your internet affiliate business on your way. In line with this I am pleased to highly recommend the  products above. Please check them out for yourself.

In these early days we will be adding newsletters as pages and anyone will be able to read them. In addition a forum will start up for your comments and ideas.

What we most particularly would like is your ideas on what you would most like to see on this site. What information or subject matter concerning your internet affililate business, building a web business, seo, article marketing etc you most need to hear about. We will do our best to bring it to you even if this means researching the information to get you the right answer.

The next step will be to add a members only section where some of the things we will look to charge for will be free. These will be items like:

  • Videos
  • Giveaways
  • Products for sale
  • Invitations to webinars
  • and heaps of other great assetts to your affiliate marketing cause

Membership is FREE RIGHT NOW! Just fill out the application form on the right and you will receive a great free gift and we will be happy to add you into our regular newsletter email. Help us to develop your internet affiliate business site where you can feel relaxed, at home and free from some dude or another trying to sell you the latest “SECRET” plan for success.

MY PROMISE: We will not spam you with “overnight millions” of “get rich quick” deals every other day.

What you can expect from Strategic Niche Marketing will be quality internet affiliate business information in newsletter form. The only time you will hear from us apart from this is if we get access to information of quality that we feel will benefit you.

Please join us for the ride.

Gordon Christopher

Strategic Niche Marketing